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Black OR Queer? Life at the Intersection

Snaps all around! Intersectionalities exist, they always have, this is not a new phenomenon. Changing the system, understandably, is difficult, however we as individuals, as communities, can work to change our mindsets in order to promote society as it really is, to have our libraries, books, and so forth reflect reality. Intersectionalities exist and when they’re ignored, woc, qwoc, etc…are forced to check only one box thus erasing everything else. (Also, this is what I’m doing my independent research/possibly thesis on so yay!) -Patrice


  1. “Well at least Black people can get married”???? This is a thing? That someone said? And they seriously did not see the problem with that?

    I have this urge to start banging my head against the wall. And yet…I’ve heard people compare the struggle for LGBTetc. marriage rights to the struggle for interracial marriage. While there are parallels to be drawn there, most of the people who make this comparison say something along the lines of, “Well they didn’t use to allow interracial marriage, but that’s all OK now so why not gay marriage?” It’s the same mentality of acting like now that one issue is “fixed,” we can move on to a new, supposedly unrelated issue (which is often implied to be the more important, relevant issue). I don’t mind the comparison necessarily but the way people use it can be a little, I don’t know…naive? Simplistic?

    • Yeah, I think a lot of things are simplified. I also think, like you said, people feel that we can only have one issue on the table at the time. They’re all things that need to be addressed, one shouldn’t have to trump another, we should see the success of one as related to the other.

      But yeah, I was so surprised that someone actually said that too, haha it’s just so crazy I find it almost hard to believe.

      • The sad thing is that right after I wrote that I immediately thought of a handful of people who would be ok with saying something like that…

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