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Ready. Set. WRITE! Update 1


 Week 2, yay!

How I did on last week’s goal(s).

Last week I didn’t set weekly goals, just summer ones. I wasn’t sure exactly where to start. However I did read a book (TFIOS…all the tears), I started revising ALEX (first chapter done!…I’m sending it chapter by chapter to my CPs so it’s a nice confirmation of, yes you’re doing this right or no, stop right now, haha), and I continued writing my Super Secret MS!

My goal(s) for this week.

  • revise 3 chapters from ALEX (first chapter is up on my website)
  • write 3 chapters from SSMS (Super Secret MS)
  • read 2 books (currently reading The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings (v. good) so I’d like to finish it and another)

A favorite line from my project OR a word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised.

Okay, I’ll admit it now…I’m cheating. I have two lines, one from ALEX, and one from SSMS


The Museum of Artifacts is exactly what it sounds like. It holds items from the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s such as cars without retractable wheels for flying and these big, chunky screens called desktop computers that people used to surf the Internet on.

SSMS Excerpt:

“My name is Jenna, and I’m a con artist.”

Normally, this confession would elicit looks of shock. People checking for their wallets. (Most don’t understand the difference between a con artist and your common thief.) Someone stealthily dialing 911. And others asking me how to get out of P.E. class, dinner with their in-laws, and other unwanted situations.

“Hi, Jenna,” echo the eight people circled around me in dull, monotone unison.

But not in here. The Criminals Support Group, AA for crooks, is used to this sort of thing. My confession, though the third truest thing I ever said, didn’t even garner me an overturned chair, much less a look of disbelief. Compared to the weirdos in this room, I’m practically normal.

The biggest challenge I faced this week.

Not getting overly lazy. It’s summer, and I can easily fall into watching Supernatural & Covert Affairs 24/7 (they’re so good), but I love my characters and I want to finish them so I have to put in the work!

Something I love about my WiP. 

With SSMS, it’s fresh, new, and different from what I usually write. It’s allowing me to push my limits and I love that! With ALEX, it’s the opportunity to revisit a world I loved creating (my best world building to date), and a character I adore that I thought I would have to trunk because I couldn’t figure out what the feedback I received from agents was saying, until now :)

How was your week? What were your successes??

Whimsically Yours,



  1. I liked you SSMS excerpt. Sounds like you’re having fun with it.

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thank you! It’s a lot of fun :)

  2. I LOVE the snippet from your secret WIP. It sounds awesome! Love that’s an ‘AA’ for cons sorta. :-) Good luck with your goals this week, Patrice!

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thanks, Rachel! I’m so in love with my secret WIP, glad to hear you liked the snippet :)

  3. It’s great that you’re getting to both try something new and also revisit an old MS. Good luck with your goals this week! :)

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thanks, Emma! Happy writing to you :)

  4. Love your excerpts, Patrice, especially the one from PANDORA’S BOX. “I love my characters and I want to finish them so I have to put in the work!” <– This is sometimes the only thing that gets my butt into the chair. It's so hard to stay motivated during the summer! Best of luck meeting your goals this week, lady!

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thanks, Katy! Sometimes there are no shortcuts. Good luck with your goals as well :)

  5. Alison Miller Alison Miller

    Love the excerpts! And yes – I can get very lazy during the summer. Which is why I have to do this intensive thing! So motivating! Sounds like you had an awesome week and I hope you have another!

  6. Those are both perfect excerpts! Great job on setting high goals for both of your WIPs!

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thank you!!

  7. Third truest thing?! Awesome line. :)

    Now I want to know what the first two were.

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thanks, Andrea! I’ll be posting more next week…maybe you’ll find out 😉

  8. Yes for trying something new. Keep being brave and write your guts out!

    • Patrice Patrice

      Thanks, Adrianne! It’s hard to do so, but I suspect it’s worth it.

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